Free and for-purchase software is available to Stamford faculty, staff, and students under specially negotiated licenses. Web-based consoles sites allow students and authorized employees to review and manage IT subscriptions and services. In some cases, software products are implemented and managed centrally on behalf of departments.

Stamford Base Software (SBS)

Stamford Base Software (“SBS”) is a collection of applications provided free of charge to help you plug into the Stamford University Network (STIUNet) and gain access to our computing services. SBS includes applications to keep your password secure, protect against computer viruses, send and read email, and exchange files.

VisionNet (Student Infomation System)

VisionNet is a legacy SIS for storage and retrieval of academic records and other information relevant to a student’s lifecycle. This is scheduled for replacement in 2019-2020.

PeopleSoft ERP (Financials, Procurement and Contract Management)

The PeopleSoft ERP stacks consists of Financial, eProcurement and Contract Management modules and assist Stamford in day-to-day operations.

Ultipro & Sucessfactors (HR Management)

Stamford uses SAP Successfactors and UltiPro for Human Resources management and performance evaluations.

Software Licensing

The Software Licensing group negotiates and manages software licensing University-wide. The group’s web site provides an extensive list of available software. If you don’t find what you need on the list, staff will help you find the best alternative source.