Services and tools that safeguard the University’s computing resources and data. Stamford IT provides services such as desktop configuration, mobile device management, authentication systems, antivirus software, firewalls, and network monitoring.

Anti-Malware for Windows, Linux and Mac

The Stamford anti-malware service consists of Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), Cisco’s enterprise anti-malware solution. This behavioral analysis based program protects your computer from viruses, adware/spyware, and other malicious software.

Compliance Reports

Compliance Reports provide information to system and department administrators, local desktop support, and local & global management to monitor compliance of our computing infrastructure and processes.

Endpoint / Server Configuration Management

Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) protects your computers with automatic security updates for operating systems and other popular software. The same in utilized on Servers to view overall inventory, deploy software, and manage configurations.

Security Awareness Service

Stamford IT, in conjunction with the Laureate Information Security team, organizes quarterly mandatory Security Awareness Trainings on web, email, phishing scams etc. for all Stamford employees. Following the training, users are subjected to real-life simulations to test their awareness.

Secure Socket Layer Certificates (SSL)

An SSL certificate is a signed electronic guarantee that verifies the authenticity of a particular server. It’s used for providing web pages through an encrypted connection. Any service accessible by SSL must have a certificate, including any web server with encrypted or “secure” content.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Stamford’s VPN service allows employees to connect to STIUNet remotely from any available network connection almost anywhere in the world: including from home, from many hotels, and even from within some company networks.

Vulnerability Management (Nessus)

Nessus vulnerability scanner finds security vulnerabilities in web applications and other network services and helps you remediate them.