Centrally maintained productivity and collaboration tools support email, distribution lists, project management, workgroup communication, etc.


Stamford International University uses the Microsoft’s Office 365 for Education suite to provide email and online collaboration tools to all members of the University (students, faculty and staff). Generic mailboxes are provided on a per request basis and require sponsorship for staff / faculty.

Distribution (Mailing) Lists

Several email distribution lists are available for internal use at Stamford International University (Thailand). Emails sent to these lists are distributed to the inboxes of all list members. For the sake of convenience, the lists are based on functional groups within the University. Additionally, certain lists are meant for distribution within a specific Stamford campus only.

Meeting Room Booking

The Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS) is an online calendar for scheduling/reserving/booking rooms, equipment, facilities and other resources. MRBS can be accessed using your Stamford network login credentials (username & password).

File Sharing and Document Management

Stamford provides document management and collaboration through Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business. OneDrive is an easy-to-use file sharing and sync platform that is integrated into Stamford’s infrastructure.

Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing

Skype for Business (part of the Office 365 suite) is a comprehensive communication and collaboration tool that’s easy to use, reliable, and secure. Skype includes instant messaging, video conferencing / chat, among other things. In addition, enterprise grade video conferencing solutions are available in select meeting rooms.

Media Storage Services (Video Hosting)

Stamford offers multi-platform video transcoding and video hosting services for students, faculty & staff through a partnership with Panopto (for academic usage only). The platform is readily available within Blackboard Learn and may also be accessed independent of Blackboard.

Request Tracking

IT Support requests are tracked via BMC Footprints.