Once the printer has been connected to your laptop, the PaperCut printout client software needs to be installed. The client helps with the following:

  • Displays the user’s printing credit in real-time.
  • Notifies users when their balance is low.
  • Provides a convenient link to open the user web interface.
  • Assist in message delivery, such as “printing denied” messages.
  • Provides access to advanced features such as the ability to allocate print jobs to shared/group accounts.

The Printout Client is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. For your convenience, the client has been made available at the same location as the Printer. Please follow the steps outlined below to install the client:

  1. Launch Windows Explorer and visit \\OSIRIS.IDENT.STAMFORD.EDU. The client is available under the network share PCClient.
  2. The client is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  3. For our purpose, we’ll demonstrate the installation of the Windows client only. Copy the folder named win to your desktop. DO NOT attempt to install the client directly from the network share as it is likely to be quite slow over Wi-Fi. Copy the installer files to your desktop first.
  4. Open the win folder and run the client-local-install.exe program.
  5. You’ll face multiple consecutive dialog boxes. Please keep clicking OK to accept the default settings till you reach the last screen.
  6. Make sure the Launch client and verify my identity checkbox is checked and click on Finish to complete the installation process.
  7. An authentication prompt will appear. Key in your Stamford network username and password here. If you’re installing the client on your personal laptop, it is a good idea to keep the Remember my identity checkbox checked. Avoid this on public workstations as it may display your credit balance to third-parties.
  8. As soon as the client authenticates you successfully, a small floating widget will appear on your desktop, displaying your available account balance.
    As you keep printing you’ll be able to monitor your account balance in real-time with the help of this widget.

Next Step: Printing using the PaperCut client