printer-128Printing services for students are generally handled by third-party vendors, except for our Asoke Campus, where an automated self-service printing solution (PaperCut) is available. Students are required to purchase printout vouchers from the cashier at the Asoke campus and key-in the voucher code at an online portal. The voucher amount is credited to the student’s account and a per-printout charge is deducted from the account based on size of paper and color tone (full-color or grayscale) selected. In order to utilize the printout services, the printer and a local client must be installed on the user’s laptop. Follow the links below for guides on each of these steps.

  1. Connecting to a Student Printer
  2. Installing the PaperCut Printout Client
  3. Printing using the PaperCut client
  4. Redeeming Printout Vouchers