The Stamford International University IT team works closely with vendors and local network administrators to support, monitor, and optimize network performance while maximizing network security and availability.


Network / Wi-Fi Access

Students, faculty, staff are provided with credentials to connect to the Stamford International University Network (“STIUNet”) and can connect to Stamford’s networked resources here and across the globe. Guests (sponsored visitors) are provided with temporary and time-limited credentials for internet access only.

Wireless networking is offered across all campuses allows Stamford faculty, staff, students, and sponsored visitors to access STIUNet resources securely from locations where wiring is not available.

Internet Access

Access to the internet comes by default with STIUNet credentials and is available across all campuses.


Printing services are available campus-wide via direct printer connections (for faculty and staff) and YSoft’s voucher-based self-service printing stations (for students).

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Stamford’s VPN service is available for all employees to connect to STIUNet remotely and in a secure manner from any available network connection almost anywhere in the world: including from home, from many hotels, and even from within some company networks.

Vulnerability Management (Nessus)

Nessus vulnerability scanner is deployed across our infrastructure and finds security vulnerabilities in web applications and other network services for rapid remediations.

Windows Computing Infrastructure

Stamford IT manages the Windows Computing Infrastructure to address issues such as single sign-on, location-independent access to resources, and manageability and security for the Microsoft Windows platform.