The IT Helpdesk serves as a unified communication portal for all IT related services at Stamford.The helpdesk can be reached in the following manner:

Web Portal

Web PortalThe IT Helpdesk Portal keeps track of all support requests filed by the staff & students of Stamford International University. You can log into the web-portal by clicking on the ubiquitous helpdesk Login button that appears on all official websites maintained by Stamford. An example is the red login button present in the right-hand side of this page. You’ll require a valid email to be able to login and file a support request.



EmailAlternately, one can reach the helpdesk by sending emails directly to

Inbound support requests via emails are auto-converted to trouble tickets and are tracked in the web-portal against your email address.



Telephonic SupportYou can also reach us at +66-2-7694000 Ext. 2345. Your call will be filed as a support request by one of the IT support staff. You’ll need to provide us with your Stamford email in order to do so.

For instructions on using the Helpdesk system, please refer to our Guides section on Footprints.