Stamford International University uses the Microsoft’s Office 365 for Education suite to provide email and online collaboration tools to all members of the University.

End-users benefit from the cloud-hosted email infrastructure with virtually no downtime and large (50GB) mailboxes – which can be accessed via the Webmail interface or by using any of the supported email clients and even through smartphones (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.)

Who is eligible to receive email accounts?

By default, all students, faculty & staff of the University receive personal email accounts upon joining the university. All the accounts are similar in terms of features, except for memberships in various Email Distribution Lists. The biggest difference between staff and student accounts are that staff accounts are terminated upon resignation from the University, while any student who graduates from Stamford gets to retain their account for life.

Generic Mailboxes / Generic Email Accounts

Generic e-mail accounts are e-mail accounts in which the account name is not linked to an individual’s name but is instead linked to a campus organization, club or department. A staff or faculty member assumes all responsibility for the activity on the account, including password resets and any abuse of the account. Generic e-mail accounts can only be requested by the staff or faculty member who has agreed to sponsor the account. Students cannot sponsor or request generic e-mail accounts. For more information on Generic Emails or to request a Generic Mailbox, see here.

When are accounts terminated?

We follow a simple termination policy at Stamford. Students get to keep their accounts for good, while staff accounts are terminated upon resignation from the University. However, usage of all accounts are subject to the Acceptable Usage Policy, which means you may not use these accounts to engage in any illegal or nefarious purposes that anyhow endangers the University’s legal status. Stamford International University retains the right to terminate any account in this regard without prior notification.