All full-service STIUNet ID account holders (employees) receive a base amount of disk storage. Services that support university requirements for data encryption of laptop and desktop machines, and a variety of endpoint backup and storage solutions, are also available.

Networked File System (NFS) Shares

Stamford’s Networked File System (NFS) allows for efficient sharing of file system resources across our local area networks. NFS is distributed among multiple servers and provides two terabytes of usable disk space, which is backed up continuously. The shares are utilized by various departments for file storage and internal sharing and can be accessed physical connection to a campus network or via VPN.

Backup and Recovery Services (Code42 CrashPlan)

Stamford employs CrashPlan as the real-time continuous backup and recovery solution. The solution consists of multi-destination versioned backup and backs-up network shares and other critical data silently and continuously. It is available as an endpoint backup solution for Stamford employees on request.

Disaster Recovery

Veeam Hyper-availability Suite is utilized in our Virtualization Infrastructure to achieve high-availability, redundancy and backups.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Stamford provides document management and collaboration through Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business. OneDrive is an easy-to-use file sharing and sync platform that is integrated into Stamford’s infrastructure.

Media Storage Services (Video Hosting)

Stamford offers multi-platform video transcoding and video hosting services for students, faculty & staff through a partnership with Panopto (for academic usage only). The platform is readily available within Blackboard Learn and may also be accessed independent of Blackboard.