All IT Systems at Stamford International University utilize the STIUNet ID and password for logging in.

Accounts (and passwords) are managed via the Accounts Central portal.

Resetting forgotten Passwords

If you have forgotten your password for any of the IT systems employed at Stamford International University, you may request for a password reset via any of the following methods:

Self-reset Password

Stamford offers a Self-Service Password Reset Portal, where users can reset passwords by themselves. The site requires users to enroll themselves using a set of security questions and answers. At any later point, one is able to self-reset the password by answering any 2 random questions from the ones specified during enrollment.

The portal can be accessed at:

If you haven’t enrolled yourself and forgotten your password, then you’ll need to avail one of the following methods.

A video tutorial on using the portal can be found at the Resetting your Password page under the Guides section.

Password Reset at our IT Support Desk

Approach any of the IT Support Desks with a valid Photo Identification document and get your password reset. A photo ID may be any of the following:

  1. Valid Stamford Student ID Card
  2. Passport
  3. Thai Citizen ID

The password reset policy also mandates that you may not request a password reset for any of your friends.

Password Reset via the Online IT Helpdesk

If you send in a password reset request to our Online IT Helpdesk (), you are not required to attach a scanned copy of your ID. However, the Helpdesk will only honor requests coming from your Stamford email or the one mentioned in your application form (prior to joining Stamford). If you do not have access to either of these emails any longer, you need visit us with a photo ID.