Employees (Faculty / Staff)

IT Systems accounts for all Stamford employees are deactivated when an employee leaves the University. All data associated with the employee’s account including files on workstations & laptops, files stored on networked storage by the employee  as well as emails are  usually retained for 2 weeks before being wiped clean. At this point, computing resources allocated to the former employee become available for allocation elsewhere.

The former employee’s supervisor is notified before the data is wiped. In case, for any reason, the supervisor requires an extension to the retention period, he / she can request for the same in writing, before the 2 weeks following the employee’s departure are over. The extension will only be granted if the request is filed personally by the supervisor at our
IT Helpdesk  –

Following the lapse of this 2 week period the workstations / laptops allocated to the former employee are re-imaged – whereby a standard system image is used to overwrite all old data. Once this step has been carried out, chances of recovery of the old data is extremely minute. The Department of Information Technology is not responsible for any data that is lost during this process – especially, if no formal retention requests were filed on time.


Files stored on publicly accessible computers – such as in computer labs – maybe be wiped clean from time to time. All Stamford students are thus advised to maintain backups of their personal files on removable media like CD / DVD, USB disks etc. When a student leaves the University, associated IT Systems accounts are deactivated and deleted in a manner similar to that of the employees with 2 weeks of data retention. However, when it comes to email account students are generally exempt from this rule as all students get to retain their @stamford.edu email accounts for good.

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