You are held accountable for everything you do in the computer labs. Keep the following in mind when using the computers in any of the labs across all campuses of Stamford International University.

Access to labs is strictly restricted to persons bearing a valid Stamford International University Student / Employee ID Card. ID cards may be checked at any time. Please have your card available.
 Lab computers and Internet access are provided for pursuit academic activities only. Please do not abuse your privileges.
  No food or drinks of any kind are allowed in the labs.
 Do proofread all e-mail messages before you send them (you cannot stop e-mail once it is sent!). Don’t send junk mail (spam) to other people. Don’t harass others via e-mail, chats or any other form of on-line communication.
 Playing computer games is not allowed (do not install or play games on the computers) – unless written permission has been specifically granted for such activities (e.g. Gaming Club).
torrent-applikationTorrent downloads are strictly prohibited.
 XXX-Icon-300x300Displaying, scanning, or printing pornographic or potentially offensive material is strictly prohibited.
 Be considerate and preserve a quiet environment. Music may not be played at any sound level, which is audible to any other person in the lab. If you are playing a radio, MP3 player or the CD-ROM player on the computer, you must be wearing headphones and have the volume adjusted so others cannot hear the sound.
 1450304240_hardwareComputer hardware components cannot be used with any lab equipment or in any labs without permission.
 1450304283_Install2Do not install software on lab computers. Installing non-licensed software on computers is in strict violation of copyright laws & University policies.
 1450304332_copyright-bAll software available in the computing labs is protected by copyright laws. Copying of proprietary and licensed software is prohibited. Do not copy software from lab computers.
 1450304393_apacheconfDo not modify current configuration or change the system settings or preferences on any computer or terminal in the lab. Files should be saved on the individual’s USB drive, rather than on the lab computer.
 ethicalHacking of any kind is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with accordingly.
 1450304507_Login ManagerIf you step away from your workstation for a brief while, please make sure to lock your workstation to prevent unauthorized usage via your credentials.
 1450304570_HourglassPlease don’t leave your screen locked for more than ten (10) minutes. If you must leave for more than ten (10) minutes, please logout.
 1450304643_bombTreat the equipment and furniture carefully. No vandalism. Do not destroy or deface any part of a computer (including any peripherals, mouse pads etc). Please note that all labs are monitored at all times through video surveillance cameras and any acts of vandalism may result in expulsion from the University.
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