Stamford International University’s Process for Change Management is designed to provide an orderly and documented method in which changes to the University’s computing environment are requested and approved prior to their implementation so as to minimize service disruptions and promote system availability.

The process for change management provides a process to apply changes, upgrades, or modifications to Stamford’s information technology environment. The process applies to any activities that might affect the environment that the University Computing Community relies upon to conduct normal business operations. Such activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any and all modifications, additions, or changes to hardware, software, networking, and applications;
  • Environmental changes and shutdowns;
  • Events that may alter the normal operating procedures;

Changes to the computing environment arise from many circumstances, such as:

  • Periodic maintenance;
  • User requests;
  • Hardware and/or software upgrades;
  • Acquisition of new hardware and/or software;
  • Changes or modifications to the infrastructure;
  • Environmental changes;
  • Operations schedule changes;
  • Changes in hours of availability;
  • Unforeseen events;

The above list is not all inclusive. If you are unsure whether a change needs to be submitted through the process for change management, you are encouraged to contact Stamford’s IT Department.

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