Policies form the foundation of any security program. Policies define how IT Support & Services will approach security, how employees (staff/faculty) and students are to approach security, and how certain situations will be handled.

While this web page lists many university IT policies, it is not an exhaustive list. Regulations, policies and procedures are constantly evolving. Laws, policies, and regulations not specific to information technology may also apply, e.g.: student conduct, personnel policy or contract, sexual harassment, chain letter laws, etc.

Stamford IT Policies

  1. IT-P-001: Helpdesk Policy
  2. IT-P-002: Security Policy
  3. IT-P-003: Operations Policy
  4. IT-P-004: Inventory Policy
  5. IT-P-005: Backup Policy
  6. IT-P-006: Change Management Policy
  7. IT-P-007: Problem Management Policy
  8. IT-P-008: Data Center Access Procedure
  9. IT-P-009: End-user Computing Policy
  10. IT-P-010: User Account Management Policy
  11. IT-P-011: Social Media Policy
  12. IT-P-012: Email Usage Policy
  13. IT-P-013: Cloud Storage Policy
  14. IT-P-014: Mobile Device Security Policy
  15. IT-P-015: Anti-virus Management Policy
  16. IT-P-016: Patch Management Policy