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The new look of eLearning

The Stamford International University’s eLearning Zone now sports a completely revamped look. The new theme has bigger & crisper text combined with soothing colors and clearer navigation.


The template is fluid-width, i.e. it expands to take up all the available screen area, thus providing a larger display area. Moreover, it is a “responsive” theme, meaning, it’ll re-orient and re-format itself when viewed on a mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone.

The template is based on a recently released Moodle theme known as Elegance.

Scheduled Upgrade: Moodle v2.7

upMoodle, our eLearning platform will be upgraded to version 2.7 over the semester break. There will be a 2 hour long maintenance window to perform the upgrade during which Moodle will be unavailable.


Date: Wednesday, 25th June, 2014
Time: 9.30pm – 11.30pm

Browser Support

With this upgrade, the Moodle will only support the minimum browser versions stated below. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use to latest version in all cases:

BrowserMinimum versionRecommended versionRemarks
Google Chrome30.0Latest
Mozilla Firefox25.0Latest
Internet Explorer9LatestVersion 10 is required for drag-and-drop upload of content from outside the browser into Moodle
Apple Safari6Latest

For detailed information, please refer to the Moodle v2.7 Release Notes.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused due to the downtime.

Planned Network / Power Outage at Hua-Hin Campus

leaf-bulbUrgent maintenance work will be performed on the electric transformer at the Hua-Hin campus on Wednesday, 18th June, 2014 between 11.30am to 01.30pm. There won’t be any electricity on campus during this maintenance window.  Hence, a Network Outage has been scheduled during the same period. Both internet and LAN / Wi-Fi connectivity will be unavailable during this period.

We’ll keep you posted on further updates.

Partial Network Outage at Bangkok Campus

stockvault-server-network-cables x1024Yesterday we suffered a breakdown in certain critical networking equipment resulting in total loss of internet connectivity in Building 1, Bangkok Campus. This newsletter is to keep you updated on the outage and to assure you that we’re working round the clock on the best remedial solution to get us back online.

The buildings in Bangkok campus are connected via key networking devices known as Switches. All desktops / laptops are connected to these switches – either directly using cables or through Wireless Access Points (Wi-Fi APs). The Wi-Fi AP themselves also connect to these switches via another key component called Wireless Controller.

On May 20th, we suffered a massive failure of both the primary Network Switch and the Wireless Controller in Building 1.

HP-CISCO Failed Diagram

Work is still in progress round-the-clock to repair and regain connectivity. By today (21st) late afternoon, we have  restored full connectivity on the Ground (Library & Student Life Office) and we’re hoping to regain building-wide connectivity by the afternoon of 22nd May.

Planned Power Outage at Bangkok Campus

stockvault-high-voltage x1024Please be advised that there will be a planned power outage in both Buildings 1 & 2, starting 7pm today (22nd April, 2014) in order to test the efficiency & reliability of the electricity generator. All electrical / electronic devices operating on main power line will get forced shut-down during this blackout window. This includes any desktop PCs operating without battery backup (UPS) like the ones in most classrooms, the computer labs & the library. You’re advised to backup / save any work you’re doing well in advance in order to prevent loss of work.

The outage will last for 10 minutes.

Direct number for the Stamford IT Helpdesk

We’re pleased to introduce a direct extension number for reaching out to the Stamford IT Helpdesk.

  1. If you’re calling from an extension within Stamford, please dial 1231.
  2. If you call from outside, please dial +66-2-7694000 Extension 1231.

TelephoneThis will be helpful for reporting IT issues when you do not have immediate access to your email – especially when you’re teaching in. An IT Team member will receive your call and log an incident report for you.

When you call, please mention your full name & email address. If you’re calling us regarding an incident that you’ve reported earlier on, please do not forget to mention your ticket number. This will enable us to avoid duplicate tickets as well as help us in providing you with an update in the status of your request.