Footprints is a fairly easy system to use. Filing an IT support request in Footprints involves logging-in with your Stamford email and registering a “case”. Cases can be of two types:

  1. Incident – An incident is when a user faces a problem with hardware, software or the network
  2. Request – A request is in the literal sense, that is, when a user requests for something – be it hardware, software, or anything that has got to do with IT.

Using Footprints (in brief)

  1. User logs into Footprints using Stamford email.
  2. User registers a case.
  3. A support agent on the IT team takes ownership of the case and communicates with the user regarding the problem.
  4. Once a solution is found, the agent helps the user with the issue
  5. Agent closes the case.

Using Footprints (detailed)

  1. End-users can log into Footprints using the IT Helpdesk Login button that appears on all official website(s) of Stamford International University.
    Footprints Login Button
  2. Clicking on the Login button brings up the login screen, where one has to enter a valid Stamford email to login.
    Enter Stamford Email
  3. A new incident or request can be lodged via the New Request link in the top menu. Old case and their resolutions (if applicable) are listed below in a chronologically descending manner.
    Case Screen
  4. Enter the details of the case. A short one-line description as well as a detailed description of the problem are required. Once done, the Save button needs to be clicked in order to save / register the case.
    Logging a case

Once a case is registered, an automated email outlining the submitted details is sent to the user and the case is put in a queue to be addressed by an IT support agent. Once an agent takes ownership of the case, he / she carries out with further communication with the user (if required) to solve the issue. Resolved cases are flagged as Closed.

Using Footprints via Email

If a user does not wish to go through the above steps, there’s an easy way out. Details of the incident / request can be mailed directly to . It’ll be automatically logged into Footprints and an agent will follow-up with the user in a similar manner.