Google Apps LogoStamford International University uses the Google Apps for Education suite to provide email and online collaboration tools to all members of the University.

End-users benefit from the cloud-hosted email infrastructure with virtually no downtime and large (25GB) mailboxes – which can be accessed via the Webmail interface or by using any of the supported email clients and even through smartphones (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.).

Where do I get my username & password?

Members of the University community (students, faculty, staff etc.) are handed out email accounts and passwords immediately upon joining the university. If you are a new entrant and haven’t received your login details, please contact our IT Helpdesk.

Accessing my email account

Logging into the system is done by clicking on the mail icon that appears towards the top-right corner of the Stamford website or entering in your browser’s address-bar directly.

In this regard it’s worth mentioning that, for reasons of security & stability of the computing environment, Stamford International University encourages the usage of browsers like Firefox, Chrome & Opera over Internet Explorer that is parceled with Windows by default.

Using the Webmail Interface

There are plenty of great guides available on the Google Apps website. We strongly recommend going through these to familiarize yourself with the features & interface of webmail. If you face any difficulties in operating your account, please feel free to contact our IT Helpdesk.

Using an Email Client

It is possible to setup email clients like Outlook / Thunderbird to connect to your Stamford mailbox and retrieve / send emails through it. A detailed guide can be found here.

What are the collaboration tools?

Google Apps comes with a strong set of online collaboration tools. They can be accessed using the same username & password as your that of your email. The services offered at Stamford are listed below along with the respective links: