1. The Department of Information Technology ( “IT Support & Services” ) will use the IT website (it.stamford.edu) as the primary means of communication. In addition, IT Services may send out occasional mass email notifications regarding various IT issues. However, the IT website should be considered as the final and most updated source of information.
  2. The goal of IT Services is to make information as accessible as possible and the department strives to achieve the same.
  3. Communications are honest, written clearly, attractively presented, with correct use of language, using technical terminology appropriate to the intended audience, and without assumptions of prior knowledge;
  4. Innovative use is made of IT in communications, but not so as to disadvantage any groups or individuals;  communication is tailored to make best use of the medium.
  5. Consideration is given to those with disabilities and special needs.
  6. Communication is timely, and targeted so that staff and students receive mailings relevant to them.
  7. Consultation, discussion, and feedback are valued and initiated wherever possible, and appropriate responses made. Consistent and representative groups are used, rather than ad hoc arrangements. Where communication is via representatives, IT Services makes it clear when onwards communication is expected and when feedback is being solicited.
  8. New services are designed in consultation with users and other stakeholders, and advertised as widely as possible to the intended user base. Consultation takes place prior to changes to services, and discontinuation of services, and these are advertised with as much prior notice as is practicable, to allow users time to prepare.
  9. IT services are only fully effective when users know how to use them, and so documentation and training is made available.
  10. Announcements are made from the department, not from individuals.
  11. All incoming problem reports and service requests are tracked and responded to via the IT Helpdesk system unless security dictates otherwise.
  12. Planned service interruption is timed in consultation with stakeholders wherever possible and giving maximum notice – usually at least one week. Notice is given if possible for service interruption that is unplanned but not instantaneous. Information is made available by whatever means available regarding unplanned outages.