Image3This is a reminder that we’ll be switching over to Office 365 – the new Email & Online Office Suite during the coming week. The cutover date / time is at

6pm on Monday, February 23rd, 2015

This means, starting 6pm on that day, you won’t be able to send or receive mails via the old system (Google Apps) any longer. All email communication from that point onwards need to be done via Office 365.

Important information on the migration

  1. Login link: The Office 365 Portal is hosted at: Logging in here will give you access to your email as well as to the Office Online Productivity Suite. It’ll also enable you to download a free copy of MS Office 2013 and install it on to 5 personal devices.
  2. No Mailbox Migration: Due to the size and number of student mailboxes, it is not feasible for us to migrate the mailbox contents to Office 365. If you wish to migrate your mailbox by yourself, please refer to: Migrating from GMAIL to Office 365 using Connected Accounts.
  3. New Email Address Format: Your new email address format will be . Existing emails with format will cease to function, post cutover.
  4. Accessing Email via your Smartphone / Tablet: Following the cutover, the current (Google Apps) configuration for accessing mails via your smartphone won’t work any longer. We’ve compiled a guide for configuring your mobile device to connect to Office 365 for all major Smartphones & Tablets. Please visit: Configuring Office 365 on your mobile device for more information on this.
  5. OneDrive for Cloud Storage & File Syncing: A new file sync and sharing service named OneDrive will be provided as part of the Office 365 suite, with a total online storage space of 1 TB per user. Files stored in the current system (Google Drive) can be migrated to Office 365 using a free software called Drive2Office. Please let us know if you require assistance on this.
  6. Password Synchronization: Our current email system requires you to maintain a separate set of username & password for accessing your inbox. With Office 365, the passwords will synchronize with our central login database. In effect, the same password you use for logging into any of our public desktops at the labs and the library or the Wifi portal will also work for your email. If you change your password at, the email password will change as well.

 Questions & Support

If you have any questions / comments or require support, please get in touch with the IT Helpdesk at: ">.