office-365-logoDuring the month of February 2015, Information Technology Services will be transitioning student e-mail accounts and the Google Suite of Applications to Microsoft Office 365 (“O365”). In addition to providing you with larger mailboxes (50GB vs. current 25GB) and cloud-based storage (1 TB), a full portfolio of communication and collaboration tools will also be available in one easy to access location. The service suite includes calendaring, instant messaging, online documents (Word/Excel/PowerPoint), etc.

Office 365 feature highlights

o365 features

Important notes regarding this transition:

  1. Your new mailboxes will be created during the month of February and will be made available to you in parallel. All students will receive advance notification regarding the officially scheduled dates. Once your new account is available in O365, you will be able to check e-mail and connect mobile devices the usual way. However, your desktop / mobile email clients will require reconfiguration. Detailed instructions for updating connection information on phones and other devices will be provided in communication regarding the transition timeline.
  2. The format of your email addresses is going to change. The current format is: .
    In the new format, your email address will be: .
  3. Once the transition is complete you’ll be able to login into the new email system with the same password as you use to access our campus network. No more maintaining multiple usernames & passwords. One key works for all!

FREE legal copy of Office Suite – for YOU!

Here is the best part of the deal. In addition to the cloud-based online Office suite, each student will be provided with a legal copy of Microsoft Office for installation on up to 5 personal devices – totally FREE of charge.

We are really excited about this migration to Office 365 for students, and for all of the new opportunities for communication and collaboration that it will provide. If you have any questions or concerns about this transition, please do not hesitate to contact us at .