stockvault-server-network-cables x1024Yesterday we suffered a breakdown in certain critical networking equipment resulting in total loss of internet connectivity in Building 1, Bangkok Campus. This newsletter is to keep you updated on the outage and to assure you that we’re working round the clock on the best remedial solution to get us back online.

The buildings in Bangkok campus are connected via key networking devices known as Switches. All desktops / laptops are connected to these switches – either directly using cables or through Wireless Access Points (Wi-Fi APs). The Wi-Fi AP themselves also connect to these switches via another key component called Wireless Controller.

On May 20th, we suffered a massive failure of both the primary Network Switch and the Wireless Controller in Building 1.

HP-CISCO Failed Diagram

Work is still in progress round-the-clock to repair and regain connectivity. By today (21st) late afternoon, we have  restored full connectivity on the Ground (Library & Student Life Office) and we’re hoping to regain building-wide connectivity by the afternoon of 22nd May.