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Migration to Office 365 for Students

office-365-logoDuring the month of February 2015, Information Technology Services will be transitioning student e-mail accounts and the Google Suite of Applications to Microsoft Office 365 (“O365”). In addition to providing you with larger mailboxes (50GB vs. current 25GB) and cloud-based storage (1 TB), a full portfolio of communication and collaboration tools will also be available in one easy to access location. The service suite includes calendaring, instant messaging, online documents (Word/Excel/PowerPoint), etc.

Office 365 feature highlights

o365 features

Important notes regarding this transition:

  1. Your new mailboxes will be created during the month of February and will be made available to you in parallel. All students will receive advance notification regarding the officially scheduled dates. Once your new account is available in O365, you will be able to check e-mail and connect mobile devices the usual way. However, your desktop / mobile email clients will require reconfiguration. Detailed instructions for updating connection information on phones and other devices will be provided in communication regarding the transition timeline.
  2. The format of your email addresses is going to change. The current format is: .
    In the new format, your email address will be: .
  3. Once the transition is complete you’ll be able to login into the new email system with the same password as you use to access our campus network. No more maintaining multiple usernames & passwords. One key works for all!

FREE legal copy of Office Suite – for YOU!

Here is the best part of the deal. In addition to the cloud-based online Office suite, each student will be provided with a legal copy of Microsoft Office for installation on up to 5 personal devices – totally FREE of charge.

We are really excited about this migration to Office 365 for students, and for all of the new opportunities for communication and collaboration that it will provide. If you have any questions or concerns about this transition, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

Migration to Office 365 for employees

o365logoIT Services would like to inform you that we will be scheduling an upgrade to our email & calendar system. The upgrade will consist of migration to a new platform named Office 365 from Microsoft and is scheduled to take place between now through February 2015.

In addition to general product fixes and improvements in the stability and performance of our system, the upgrade includes the ability to join the new Laureate email platform (“Laureate Cloud”).  As Stamford becomes part of the new Laureate network platform we will be enabling employees to seamlessly communicate both internally with other Stamford employees and across 75+ other Laureate schools/colleges/universities globally as more join the cloud.

Other benefits include:

  • Increase of mailbox storage – effectively converting our existing 25GB mailbox storage limit into unlimited mailbox storage.
  • Enhancing and increasing security – upscaling our proactive protection against email spams and any potential malicious threats.
  • Improved directory and calendar services – ability to search and view contact details (telephone no., office location, line manager and team members information, etc.) of colleagues within Stamford; and scheduling meetings with the ability to view participants’ availability. Resources such as Meeting Rooms can be booked via this system directly. Consequently, our current Meeting Room Booking System at will be retired after the upgrade has been completed.

Office 365 features in brief

o365 features

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this change occurring?

  • This upgrade is aimed at helping Stamford take advantage of current and future communication technologies and tools that Laureate has to offer to bring our community closer together.

What does this mean?

  • We will be using Laureate Cloud enterprise email platform after the upgrade.
  • You will continue to log into Google Apps (Gmail) for access to your email & shared documents on Google Drive for now until the upgrade is completed.

What will change?

  • The new email can be accessed both via web mail and via Microsoft Outlook client.
  • If you exclusively use Google Apps web mail only (and not Outlook), you will have the option to continuing using a new web mail (with a look and feel similar to Outlook) and/or move to Outlook.

What happens to my email address?

  • You will retain your email address

What happens to my old email and calendar entries?

  • Stamford IT and Laureate Global IT will transfer your old staff email and calendar to the new Laureate Cloud enterprise mail system.

How do I get support?

  • The same way that you always have. If you have any issues, please contact IT Support Team <> during office hours.

Who will be affected?

  • This change will only affect all Stamford employees who bear emails.

What you will need to ensure…

  • Remove large emails from your mailbox. All emails in your Inbox that are bigger than 25M will not be migrated to the new system. You must either delete these or remove the attachments. To identify such emails:
    • If using Gmail (webmail interface) type size:25000000 in the search box above your email list.
    • If using Outlook click on the “Size” column in your inbox and the largest emails will appear at the top of your list.

After The Upgrade

  • You will be able to access your emails via an improved web mail client. The link to the web mail client will be included in the separate email notification, which will be shared during the final stages of the upgrade.
  • If you already are using Outlook for your Stamford email, you will be able to continue to do so. IT will verify and provide assistance to ensure that there are no disruptions after the upgrade.

Thank you in advance for your continuous support and we look forward to welcoming you to a more stable, reliable and resilient message platform.

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