This guide demonstrates the printing process and the interaction with the PaperCut Printout client.

  1.  Open Microsoft Word or any other application from which you need to send the printout.
  2. Go to the Print dialog (click on Print icon or press Ctrl+P). Make sure the following print attributes are set:
    Printer: The Asoke Student Printer: c364e-STUDENT.
    Paper Size: A4 / A3 – according to your needs.
    Print: One-sided or Double-sided as per your needs.
  3. Click on the Print button. An authentication prompt will be displayed to verify your identity and link the printout to your printing account.

    The dialog also presents the option of remembering your login for a certain duration. If this is your personal laptop, feel free to choose a longer duration to avoid having to authenticate every time. On public workstations, keep this duration as short as possible to prevent third-parties from utilizing your print account and using up your credits.
  4. As soon as the printout occurs successfully, the PaperCut Client widget will display your updated account balance (minus the cost of the last printout).

Next Step: Redeeming Printout Vouchers